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Chlorella - Green Algae

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Chlorella is a unicellular freshwater green algae that has a long history of use as food. The name of Chlorella is derived from Greek: "chloros" green and "ella" small. Chlorella is noted for its protein and iron content.

Chlorella intended for human use has in the past been cultivated commercially in large fresh mineral water pools exposed to direct sunlight, where it proliferates rapidly. Modern Chlorella farming methods typically make use of bioreactors which limit the production of pathogenic or undesirable aquatic species. Chlorella possesses a fibrous shell which consists mainly of cellulose that must be broken in order for the algae to be made digestible to humans.

PureBulk's dried chlorella consists of the broken cell powder of (Chlorella vulgaris) .

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Supplement Facts
Chlorella Green Algae Supplement Facts

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Also indexed as:Chlorella
Chlorophyll: Main Image

Chlorophyll is the substance responsible for the green color in plants that accomplishes photosynthesis.

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This supplement has been used in connection with the following health conditions:

Used for AmountWhy
Refer to label instructions 1 star[1 star]
Chlorophyll, the substance responsible for the green color in plants, has been shown to ease chronic constipation in elderly people.

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Additional Information
Are your Spirulina & Chlorella algae broken cell?
Yes! They are specifically broken cell. The algae is mixed into a liquid solution and a high-pressure nozzle is used to spray the product against a steel surface, breaking up the fibrous outer shell and exposing the nutrient-rich cytoplasm inside.
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