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Product Details

Get quality and accuracy with the Gemini-Pro digital gram scale. The Gemini-Pro is accurate to 0.001 grams.


  • Capacity: 20g | 12.860dwt | 308.64gn | 100.00ct
  • Resolution: 0.001g | 0.001dwt | 0.02gn | 0.005ct
  • Tolerance: +- 0.003g / 0.003dwt | 0.06gn | 0.015ct
  • Weighing Units: g, dwt, gn, ct
  • Platform Dimensions: 1.75in diameter
  • Power: 4x AAA Batteries (included)
  • High precision and portability in one great scale!
  • Includes carrying case with tweezers, tray and calibration weight
  • Great for weighing precious gems and other valuables
  • The flip-down shield protects the delicate weighing surface.
  • Back-lit LCD display
  • Built-in weight holder on scale.

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