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December 27, 2022

Portland News

The supplement industry is filled with products with phony formulations and bogus promises. Worse is the risk they pose to people’s health when they are consumed. Entrepreneur Timothy McNulty took the bold step to launch his company, PureBulk.com, which has become a leading provider of health supplements that deliver on their promises without fillers and additives. 

PureBulk.com is proof that purity in health supplements is possible, as Timothy McNulty set out to offer the world exactly what they need without any extra baggage, like additives or fillers, that might be dangerous to the end-users’ health. At its core, the brand thrives on having real people put together some of the most beneficial supplements and deliver them with the best customer service delivery.

Since 2008, PureBulk.com has enjoyed steady growth from setting up shop on eBay to growing its customer base to over 200,000 and growing from a company of two employees in Missoula, Montana to one with over 40 employees at its headquarters in Roseburg, Oregon. The company has also scaled alongside its growth, leaving it debt-free. PureBulk.com offers a wide range of extensive products, including over 250 pure dietary powders, oils, capsules and the tools needed to accurately measure the supplements for those who would like to make their own custom supplement blends and formations.

PureBulk’s growth over the last decade has been mostly word-of-mouth. Its products have spoken for themselves, and the brand itself has been all about quality customer service, transparency and quality products to satisfy its customers. “At PureBulk, you won’t find many products filled with extra ingredients you probably don’t want. With most of the dietary supplements on the market containing fillers and additives and packaged in excessive, bulky packaging, you wind up paying more than the cost of what you wanted to buy in the first place. Instead, we supply you with the pure, simple and un-altered supplement without any of the flavors, anti-caking agents and additives you will find in products elsewhere.,” the company’s website said.

Every product from the company has undergone extensive tests in well-established laboratories in the United States before they’re shipped out to different parts of the world. Beyond the supplements that work which PureBulk offers, the company also helps its customers save money. “We only charge what it costs to ship your order without padding shipping costs to make a profit. Our goal is to help you save money while you get your items promptly without unnecessary delays,” Timothy said.

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