We don't know. But if we are out of an item, we're already trying to restock. You can receive an email notification when the product is again available by going to that particular product page and clicking "Email me when this product is restocked" on the green tab on the left hand side.

Yes, but international shipments can only be tracked as far as your local customs office.

You will receive a tracking number for your shipments using U.S. First Class mail. This tracking number will show you when your shipment arrives at a shipping facility, when it leaves U.S. Customs and when it arrives at your local customs agency. It does NOT show you any information after that point.

You will have to contact your customs office for more details if required. Customs agencies around the world handle things very differently. It is completely normal to expect a transit time of 4-14 days, and in some instances 15-40 days of transit time is experienced.

The method of shipping depends on the size of the package.

We only use First Class for orders under 400g, or under 500g for Canada. Over those sizes we use USPS Priority Mail unless another carrier is specified.

First class mail has no included shipping insurance, whereas some priority mail packages include shipping insurance automatically.

We ship out all orders within 1 business day of being placed. Typically, delivery time for USPS Priority Mail within the continental US is 2 to 3 days, although a specific transit time is not guaranteed.

Packages can be tracked using the USPS tracking number you will be sent with your confirmation email.

We also offer shipping by FedEx. See our website for details.

We shipped your products out in separate packages to significantly save on your shipping costs.

Just because we mailed all of the packages on the same day does not mean that you will receive all packages at the same time. In fact, it would be unusual for you to receive all packages at once.

They will show up shortly if you are in the US. If the packages had to go through international customs, it may take longer...sometimes between 14 and 40 days.

This is the most common case, please check your initial receipt to verify. It will tell you how many packages are on their way. If you were only sent a SINGLE package, and we actually forgot to put something in it, then please submit a support request via support@purebulk.com.

If you submitted your order with a certain shipping address and then paid with PayPal and noticed that the confirmation email you received lists a DIFFERENT shipping address on it, here is what you need to do.

1) If you have written an email to suppport@purebulk.com, cancel that request. The response will be too slow to catch your package.

2) Call us immediately at (888) 280-0050 to have your shipping address fixed. If you don't call us immediately, your order WILL ship before we can change to the correct address.

1) Are you located inside the US? If so, you should receive your order within 5 business days of the purchase date. If it's been longer then this, please check the tracking link emailed to you shortly after your order shipped.

2) Are you located outside the US? Worldwide shipments must pass through at least two customs offices, (ours and yours) and they can take quite some time. On average, we see global shipments arrive at their destination within 5-14 days from the order being placed. A small percentage of them seem to take about 40 days, and a very very rare amount can take several months.

If you are waiting on your overseas order, there is very little either of us can do to facilitate delivery as it is completely within the hands of customs agents. Be patient -- it will either show up at your place, or it will be returned to ours, where we will issue you a full product refund.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, checks, money orders, and cash. All non-electronic payments must be made in US dollars.

PureBulk does not provide free samples.

However, we do provide full refunds on opened packages of the SMALLEST size package we stock in each product. So you can try it out and send it back if it's not what you needed.

All other sizes are refunded only for packages that have never been opened.

If you want to test out our supplements but aren't sure if you are going to like them, please order the smallest possible package in order to qualify for a refund after you open it.

For further questions please contact support@purebulk.com.

If you already submitted your order and just realized that there was something incorrect in there, here is what you need to do:

Please call us at 1-888-280-0050 or email us right away at support@purebulk.com. Tell us the order number and what the mistake was and someone will be happy to help.

Our product labels include both nutritional supplement facts listing all product ingredients as well as suggested serving sizes with directions for use.

We also include storage information and the date the product was manufactured.

We do not include "dosing" information because our products are nutritional dietary supplements, not medication.

Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Yes, this is perfectly fine. Pure powders cake, clump, and stick together. There is no harm in them doing so other then it may not be the easiest form for you to work with. You can always break them back up, or if you need them for a manufacturing process...add your own fillers

1 kg equals 2.2 pounds 1 kg equals 1000 grams 1 gram equals 1000 milligrams 1oz equals 28 grams 1lb equals 454 grams A gram, kilogram, or milligram are Units of Weight in the metric system. The metric system is the system of weights & measurements used in about 190 out of about 195 countries in the world. You don't need to know 'how' to use it, all you need to know is this. Kilograms, grams, and milligrams are measurements of WEIGHT. Like pounds, and ounces. You can do conversions for yourself by simply typing them in Google. Please note that teaspoons, tablespoons, cups, etc are units of VOLUME, not units of WEIGHT. Therefore you cannot convert just any teaspoon to grams, or any grams to Teaspoon, their conversion rates vary with the 'bulk density' of the specific substance you are trying to measure.

None of our products are certified organic. Some are organic when we acquire them, but since our production facility is not certified organic, none of our products can be certified organic.

We are a GMP compliant facility and will provide COAs for specific batch numbers as well as MSDS information upon request. You may reach our QU department by filling out a request at the following web link, please use the "comments" box for additional questions.

The fact is that about 95% or more of the world's nutritional raw materials are manufactured in China, Japan and Korea, although some companies try to hide that fact.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that there is only one manufacturer of amino acids (our most common type of nutritional product) here in the USA and in recent years they manufactured only 3 amino acids in this country.

If you were to make the commitment to only purchase and consume non-China nutritional supplements and/or food ingredients you would likely have an extremely difficult time finding even one retail nutritional supplement that you could purchase.

There are many reasons and problems involved with this situation.

One big problem is that nutritional manufacturers and retailers here in the USA are not required to disclose on their product labels where their nutritional raw materials are manufactured.

Many nutritional manufacturers here in the USA will proudly print "Made in the USA" right on their labels but what they don't tell you is that everything EXCEPT the actual nutritional raw materials are made in the USA.

The principal ingredient you are taking as a nutritional supplement is manufactured in China, Japan, or possibly Korea! Amazing, but true. When you go down to your nutritional retailer and look at all those bottles lined up on the shelf and see "Made in the USA" on any particular bottle, say L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, you can trust that the bottle, the lid, the label, perhaps the capsules, and the marketing materials are manufactured in the USA.

But the L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate packed inside those capsules is manufactured in China.

That's because there is no L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate manufactured in the USA and the FDA does not require nutritional manufacturers to disclose the country of origin of the the nutritional raw materials that go into those capsules.

If they were to disclose on their label that the L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate that they were filling inside their capsules was made in China, you ((being unaware of the reality with China manufactured products) would very quickly set that bottle back on the shelf and buy the one right next to it from some other manufacturer that proudly said "Made in the USA."

But since L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate is not manufactured here in the USA, or virtually anywhere except China, and perhaps very small amounts in Japan and Korea, by selecting the label displaying "Made in the USA" you would be rewarding the manufacturer that chose to use deceptive labeling to capture you business.

So, what do you do? You have two choices. The easiest thing to do would be to tell yourself that you will never consume any nutritional product ever again. That's a pretty simple solution that would definitely work. But if you were really committed to your conviction never to consume any China manufactured product you would also have to vow never to take a prescription drug and never consume any processed foods for the rest of your life since virtually all pharmaceutical raw materials and food additives are manufactured in China as well.

Because a few unscrupulous China manufacturers are counterfeiting drugs, and because there are occasional quality control problems or adulteration of China manufactured products, we allhave concerns about China manufactured products meant for human consumption.

The fact is that there are many multibillion dollar pharmaceutical corporations here in the USA that almost exclusively use China manufactured raw materials in the production of their drugs.

At this time we do not offer in house organic certifications.

Yes, whenever possible non-gmo starting materials are used for our products. A NON-GMO statement maybe available by filling out a request at the following web link, please use the "comments" box to request that form. https://purebulk.com/coa-request/

No, you will need to update your shipping and billing addresses separately on the PureBulk.com website.

To obtain a shipping quote please add your products to the shopping cart, then click on the shopping cart link at the top of the page. On the right side of the page, there are fields to enter your country, region, and postal code. If the Country you are shipping to does not have a Postal Code please use five zeroes, 00000. Once you have inputted all the necessary information click the blue link that says "ESTIMATE" and you will be provided with your shipping quote. For more information on International shipments please visit the web link listed below. https://purebulk.com/international-shipping-policy/

There are many different things that some of our products may be bonded with;

• Alpha Ketogluturate

• Ethyl Ester

• Malate

• HCL- Hydrochloride

• Malate

• Acetyl

• Aspartate

• Gluconate

• Citrate


Alpha-ketoglutarate or AKG is a negatively charged counter-ion, which is ionically bonded with a basic compound. AKG is a key intermediate in the Krebs cycle (or Citric Acid Cycle) the primary biochemical pathway carbohydrates are processed in the body. Perhaps more importantly, AKG is one of the primary nitrogen transporters in human metabolic pathways and in this way helps metabolize nitrogen (in the form of ammonia). AKG is considered important to body building because of the belief that it can help deal with excess ammonia in the body that results from a high-protein diet, which is a common practice.


HCl or Hydrochloride should not be confused with hydrochloric acid. Hydrochlorides are salts resulting from the reaction of hydrochloric acid with an organic base (mostly amines). Converting insoluble amines into hydrochlorides is a common way to make them water soluble and often more quickly absorbed by the body. Very often hydrochlorides of amines have longer shelf-lives than their respective free bases. The hydrogen positively charges the amine, which the negatively charged chloride atom ionically associates with. HCl does not offer any nutritional or dietary benefit on its own, apart for adding trace chloride.

Ethel Ester

Ethyl Ester or EE is a covalent functional group added onto a molecule by reaction with ethanol in order to make it more bioavailable in theory. EE derivatives were said to have a much better absorption rate and a longer half-life in the body than regular non-EE derivatives, because it is slightly more lipophilic. When the compound is metabolized, the EE group is hydrolyzed as ethanol, which in small quantities is pretty harmless. However, a lot of studies have shown that EE isn't as effective as the non-EE versions, especially creatine vs creatine EE and that it's basically a marketing gimmick.


Malate is a negatively charged counter-ion, which is ionically bonded with a basic compound. Malate is a key intermediate in the Krebs Cycle (or Citric Acid Cycle) the primary biochemical pathway carbohydrates are processed in the body. It is primarily used by body builders to provide energy during workout routines.


An acetyl group is a covalent functional group added onto a molecule by reaction with acetic acid in order to make it more bioavailable in theory. Acetyl derivatives were said to have a much better absorption rate and a longer half-life in the body than regular non-Acetyl derivatives, because it is slightly more lipophilic. When the compound is metabolized, the acetyl group is hydrolyzed as acetic acid, which in small quantities is pretty harmless. In some cases, acetyl derivatives have different uses than the non-acetylated version, such as ALCAR, which can cross the blood-brain barrier where it may act as an anti-oxidant, whereas L-carnitine does not have similar activity.


Aspartate, the ester from L-Aspartic acid is a common amino acid that is frequently used to deliver ionically bonded mineral ions such as potassium, copper or zinc. L-aspartate is well tolerated and is a component of protein in food. Aspartate is not the same as aspartame.


Gluconate, the ester from Gluconic acid, derived from fermented glucose and is frequently used to deliver ionically bonded mineral ions such as calcium, copper, iron or zinc. Gluconate is mildly acidic organic acid that is well tolerated and is a carbohydrate found in food.


Citrate is derived from citric acid. Citrate is a key intermediate in the Krebs cycle (or Citric Acid Cycle) the primary biochemical pathway carbohydrates are processed in the body. It is very well studied and considered safe. It can be acidic and should be avoided by those with sensitive stomachs (in which case suggest gluconate or aspartate derivatives).

If the tracking information indicates that your parcel has been delivered you will need to contact the shipping company that delivered your parcel make an inquiry with them directly.

At this time we do not offer sourcing services

New batches of products are constantly coming in and their expiration date varies product by product. You may request a COA by filling out a request at the following web link, please use the "comments" box for additional product questions. https://purebulk.com/coa-request/

You may reach our QU department by filling out a request at the following web link, please use the "comments" for additional questions https://purebulk.com/coa-request/

Anytime there are additional ingredients we will note this under the supplement facts on the label right after “Other ingredients:”. If it says “none”, there are no other added ingredients. There are some products that require an anti-caking agent which will be listed but we at PureBulk avoid chemical agents and use only simple compounds with no known physiological issues.

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