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Health practitioner program

  1. The health practitioner/affiliate program allows in-store sales only, and the affiliate can advertise products on their website to increase foot traffic for their business. Still, online sales must go thru using the affiliate's coupon code. (at standard affiliate rates) 

  1. Health providers purchase products 30% below MSRP, Clif High Pure Sleep 30% below MSRP.

  2. When Health providers purchase 10 Clif High Pure Sleep, they receive one free. This adds an additional 10% discount.

  3. On PureBulk's website, we will list all retail stores that carry our product and help support brick-and-mortar companies. 

  4. PureBulk will train sales staff on Pure Sleep products.

  5. Minimum 10 units per order.

Health Practitioners can increase their price by a modest 10% to give them 40-point margin. The convenience of going and purchasing products and speaking to a professional about the supplement's benefits is a value far more significant than 10%.

Affiliates must maintain their online social media communities, and this will only increase their income thru online sales and promote their retail location. PureBulk will continue to support our influencers with promotional packages and the best customer service possible.

Health Practioner cost:

PureBulk Supplements 30% off MSRP

Excluding bulk/commercial items.


To apply for a Health Practitioner account, click the link in Helpful Links section at the bottom of our website. Please provide a valid email. You will be notified once your account has been approved and activated.

*PureBulk reserves the right to change discount protocol if needed.

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