The Difference Between Capsules and Tablets for Your Health

June 27, 2023

The Difference Between Capsules and Tablets for Your Health

When it comes to taking medication or supplements, you may have noticed that there are two primary options available: capsules and tablets. While both offer benefits, they differ in their composition, absorption rate, and potential health effects. In this blog post from PureBulk, we will delve into the differences between tablets and capsules. Understanding these disparities can help you choose the best option for your specific needs.


Capsules are made from two pieces that are filled with the drug or supplement. The outer piece typically contains gelatin, while the inner piece contains the actual medication. Some capsules are also made with vegetarian or vegan alternatives to gelatin, such as vegetable cellulose. Capsules tend to dissolve faster than tablets because they contain powders or liquids.

Benefits of Capsules

One of the most significant benefits of capsules is that they are more comfortable to swallow than tablets. Also, because the medication is contained within the capsule's inner piece, there is no unpleasant flavor or aftertaste. Capsules also dissolve quickly, making them more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream and, therefore, often more effective.


Tablets are compressed, dry medications or supplements. They can be round, oval, or any other shape and may be coated or uncoated. Tablets are made by mixing the drug or supplement with a binder, such as lactose or starch, and compressing the powder into a specific shape. 

Benefits of Tablets

Tablets tend to be less expensive than capsules. Additionally, they're often easier to store, as they tend to be more stable and less sensitive to environmental factors. In some cases, tablets may be formulated to release medication or supplements over a more extended period than capsules.

Which One Is Right for You?

The choice between capsules and tablets for your health depends on several factors, including the medication itself and personal preference. Some people may have difficulty swallowing pills and prefer capsules because they are easier to swallow. Others may choose tablets because they're more affordable and easier to store. Some medications and supplements are available in capsule and tablet form, allowing patients to decide based on their preferences.

Here at PureBulk, we understand that taking different types of pills, especially immune-boosting supplements, has become a normal part of life for most people. Most of our products come in capsules or powders, which means you should have no problems taking them! If you’re interested in boosting your immunity, increasing your endurance, or boosting your energy, our supplements can help! Check out our complete selection of multivitamins and supplements!

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