Understanding the Different Types of PureBulk Capsules

June 04, 2024

Understanding the Different Types of PureBulk Capsules

Customization and quality are paramount in the dietary supplement world. PureBulk offers a range of empty gelatin and vegetarian capsules, providing consumers with the tools to tailor their supplementation experience to their unique needs. Understanding the differences between these capsule types and their respective benefits can empower individuals to make informed choices about their health and wellness journey.

Capsule Sizes and Capacity

PureBulk offers empty gelatin capsules in sizes 00, 0, and 1. PureBulk also carries empty vegetarian capsules in those sizes. Each size has its own capacity, accommodating varying amounts of supplement content:

  • Size 00: This size is the largest and one of the most common for manufacturing supplement capsules. It can comfortably hold 750mg of supplement material and is 2.33cm after locking the two halves together. The larger capacity is great for making custom blends or for supplements with a large serving size.
  • Size 0: Slightly smaller than size 00, size 0 capsules hold around 500mg of supplement powder. It is an average size capsule, measuring just over 2cm. Customers can also use this size to combine multiple supplement powders.
  • Size 1: The smallest of the three, size 1 capsules have a 400mg capacity and are less than 2cm. While they are not suitable for making custom supplement blends, they are a good option for people who experience difficulties when swallowing larger capsules.

Please note that the average fill weight for each capsule can vary depending on supplement density.

Benefits of Each Capsule Type

Choosing the right capsule type can significantly impact the efficacy and convenience of supplement consumption:

  • Gelatin Capsules: Gelatin capsules are ideal for encapsulating fat-soluble supplements. Unlike vegetarian capsules, gelatin capsules do not dissolve in water or juice, ensuring the supplement remains intact until it reaches the digestive system. This property makes them particularly suitable for oil-based or lipid-soluble substances, such as vitamins A, D, and E, as well as certain herbal extracts.
  • Vegetarian Capsules: Made from plant cellulose, vegetarian capsules provide a cruelty-free alternative to gelatin capsules. They are suitable for encapsulating a wide range of supplements and are an excellent option for individuals following vegetarian or vegan lifestyles.

The Capsule Machine: Empowering Customization and Quality

PureBulk offers the Capsule Machine for those who prefer to create their own supplement formulations or avoid additives commonly found in commercial products. This innovative device allows customers to produce their own custom capsules effortlessly. It offers several advantages:

  • Custom Mixing: Customers can use the Capsule Machine to blend their desired ingredients, allowing for precise control over dosage and formulation.
  • Avoiding Fillers and Binders: By encapsulating pure supplement powders, users can eliminate the need for unnecessary fillers, binders, or additives commonly found in pre-encapsulated products.
  • Cost Savings: Making custom supplement capsules with the Capsule Machine can result in significant cost savings, with potential savings of up to 75% compared to purchasing pre-encapsulated supplements.
  • Quality Assurance: DIY capsule-making ensures the freshness and quality of the supplements, as users have direct control over the ingredients and production process.
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance: The Capsule Machine comes with all necessary components, including a base, stand, top, spread card, tamper, and desiccant bag (for gelatin capsules). Its dishwasher-safe design makes cleanup a breeze, ensuring hassle-free operation.

PureBulk recommends that customers use a milligram scale when making supplement capsules to ensure accurate serving size. PureBulk also carries resealable aluminum bags and plastic tubs with lids to store DIY supplement capsules.

PureBulk offers empty supplement capsules to empower consumers to personalize their supplementation experience according to their preferences and needs. Whether opting for gelatin or vegetarian capsules or utilizing the Capsule Machine for DIY encapsulation, individuals can take control of their health and wellness journey with confidence and convenience.

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