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Empty Gelatin Capsule

Looking for empty gelatin capsules? PureBulk provides multiple capsule sizes and materials to meet your supplement encapsulation needs. Empty gel capsules are best for fat-soluble supplements, as they won’t dissolve in water or juice.

Benefits of Using Vegetarian Capsules

Empty vegetarian capsules are a much more convenient way to take supplement powders. They provide peace of mind, as individuals know exactly what they’re consuming. They decide what supplement ingredients to use and can guarantee their supplement capsules are free of fillers or binding agents. Using empty vegetarian capsules for supplementation is also less time-consuming. It’s much faster to swallow a capsule or two than it is to measure and weigh individual doses every time an individual wants to take a supplement. Veg capsules are also a great way to mask the taste of bitter or otherwise unpalatable supplement powders.

Vegetarian Capsule Sizes + Capsule Size Chart

PureBulk offers several veg capsule sizes to meet individuals’ dosing needs. Review the information below to learn more about capsule sizes.

Size 00 Capsules

Size 00 capsules are an industry standard among supplement manufacturers and are one of the most common average-sized capsules. They are the largest capacity empty capsule that PureBulk carries and can hold approximately 750mg of powdered supplements. They are about 2.33cm when the two halves are locked. Individuals often use 00 capsules for supplements that require large doses or to create custom supplement blends.

Size 0 Capsules

Size 0 capsules are another popular option for encapsulating supplements. While they are smaller than size 00 capsules, many individuals still consider them an average size and use them to combine multiple supplements. They measure just over 2cm in length in the locked position and hold around 500mg of supplement powder.

Size 1 Capsules

Size 1 capsules are the smallest empty capsule option PureBulk carries. They are less than 2cm in length when locked and can hold up to 400mg of supplement powder. They are the best option for individuals that have a hard time swallowing larger capsules. While they’re not large enough to contain multiple supplements, they can hold many standard doses for individual supplements.

How to Fill Vegetarian Capsules

The Capsule Machine offers the greatest convenience for filling empty vegetarian capsules. Individuals can use The Capsule Machine to fill 24 capsules at once in as little as two minutes. PureBulk recommends using a digital milligram scale to ensure accurate dosing. To fill the capsules:

  1. Disconnect the capsule tops and bottoms. Insert the longer half into the filling base and the shorter half into the top holder of The Capsule Machine. Set the now-loaded capsule machine inside the provided stand. PureBulk recommends using a tray to catch any supplement powder that spills while filling the empty capsules.
  2. Calculate how much supplement powder to use by multiplying the supplement dose by 24. For example, 14.4g of supplement powder will produce 24 capsules that each contain a 600mg serving: 600mg * 24 = 14.4g.
  3. Use a digital milligram scale to measure the correct amount of supplement powder. PureBulk’s Gemini-20 Digital Scale comes with a weighing tray to simplify transferring the powder to the digital scale.
  4. Empty the supplement powder onto the filling base. The Capsule Machine includes a spread card to help dispense the supplement powder into the empty capsules.
  5. Brush any excess powder into the tray (do not discard). Compress the supplement with the provided tamping tool to create more space in the capsule. Empty the remaining supplement powder inside the tray back onto the capsule machine to resume the supplement distribution process. Repeat this step as needed.
  6. Take the capsule machine base out of the stand. Compress the top piece of The Capsule Machine onto the base to lock the separate capsule halves together. Eject the capsules from the top by lifting the top off the base and pressing on the back of it.

Check out PureBulk’s tutorial video beneath the product description for a hands-on demonstration of using The Capsule Machine.

*NOTE: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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