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Aluminum Bags (X-Large)

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Product Details

These aluminum laminated bags are a flat bag with a resealable-seal at the top for a professional look. These bags can protect light-sensitive supplements from degradation.

Bag Information

Size Information

X-Small Bags
  • Inside - 3.25"x4.75"
  • Outside - 3.75"x6.25"
  • Inside - 4.25"x5.50"
  • Outside - 4.75"x7.25"

  • Inside - 5.25"x7.75"
  • Outside - 5.75"x9.25"

  • Inside - 6.25"x8.50"
  • Outside - 6.75"x10.25"

  • Inside - 9.25"x11.50"
  • Outside - 9.75"x13.25"

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